Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Outfit: Neon, Nude, Seersucker

Wearing a few items I got from the super fun clothing swap I hosted at my house a couple weeks ago (which I have yet to blog about still... bad sactown fashion blogger!)...

I got this shirtdress from Kachet of The Lipstick Giraffe who is totally adorable on so many levels and I love all her outfit posts!!  I also got this neon belt which was perfect and what I have been searching the stores for... not sure who brought that one to the swap but THANKS!!!

I DID wear shorts underneath to avoid peekaboo undies... Seersucker is such a fun fabric... reminds me of what someone would wear to a Hamptons backyard bbq or something.  Kept it casual with the neon details... the seersucker actually had thin threads of silver so in cam the Coach bag!

Feeling super down today so I am going to keep it short.  I feel like I am a giant wound, with some salt thrown in and then add a squeeze of lemon...

What I wore:
Dress and belt from Sac Fashion Bloggers summer clothing swap. Sandals and neon cuff from F21.  Coach purse.

What can I do to cheer up? I am not usually this depressed... waaaah!



  1. I knew you were going to style it just right! It was meant to be! Glad you love it! :)


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