Saturday, June 9, 2012

Outfit: Stipes n Zags

I think I am on a roll with the outfit posts now!  Feeling a little more comfortable with doing it myself. As long as my camera cooperates all is well... I give major props to you ladies that do this regularly... It's a lot to think about: set-up, focusing, posing, making sure outfit is ok... Geez!
I am a huge sucker for anything black and white... yet i always have a strangely difficult time styling the pieces just right.

I need some better black trousers for sure... they are always the most difficult thing for me to find... harder than jeans, skirts, shorts... ANYTHING but black pants... feck!!!
I am taking advantage of the last remnants of coolness in the air before I resort to wearing almost nothing because it is so gaddang hot!

Loads of favorite things about this outfit!
Ya see?!?! Too much focus on everything else, and my cool necklace is flipped over! le boooo!

By the way... i FINALLY have REAL RAY BANS! and they are the perfect slight cat-eye wayfarers!!! SCOOORE. I never knew this day would really come!

I have so much going on in the next week! I am kind of excited, but I need to make it through Montag first (my final is going to take 3 hours to complete!)... then onto lots of fun stuff, including my new book club meeting, the Sac Fashion Blogger's Clothing Swap, and signing Aveline up for cheerleading!

What I wore:
Ray Ban Wayfarers. Neon satchel from Target.  Top from Susie's deals. Vintage thrifted earrings. Missoni for Target flats.  Arm party from various stores (F21, kohl's, Charlotte russe, texas)

I don't know if I am having an identity crisis, being on my own, but I feel like I am having a hair crisis... like when Kim Kardashian tried to go blonde... it just wasn't meant to be... I am missing my jet-black hair... It has been a big process to just get it this red... not sure if I should keep on going with it or just return to what I know and love... any suggestions?



  1. I say go with what you feel comfortable in & what you love!! :)

  2. Your DIY photos are looking good, lady! I recognized those Missoni for Target flats. Still one of the best designer collabs ever. I rock my tote all the time.


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