Monday, July 16, 2012

Birthday Wrap-Up

So, the weekend is finally over and with it, my birthday.  I thought it would have been worse with my husband being gone, but what are family and friends for?  I got tons of love and notes sent my way and did my best to enjoy my day, because it does only come once a year.  Is being 27 considered mid-twenties or late-twenties?

The birthday fun started off with a new haircut! I love it... kinda sixties, kinda sassy... totally everything I love.  I think I need to get a set of hot rollers now.

Onward to Thursday, which was my actual birthday... spent with my wonderful family in my favorite city!

Union Square and Haight Street... wish I would have taken more photos.  I was too busy shopping, getting lost, eating delish food, and having fun!
Back at the house I got to hang with the fam, eat homemade cherry pie (i didnt want cake), and go through my birthday loot!

Longchamp tote in Fir. Makeup case in Moss. Backpack in white.  Pool party supplies. RVCA shirt from the flagship store on Haight. Sheer mesh tops from American Apparel on Haight.  TOMS from my bro and sis in law.  Shopping goodies from H&M. Freshwater pearl bracelets from Helzberg Jewelers. Jody Coyote earrings. Wall plaque from Pera Dice shop in Sacramento.

Saturday night was spent out on the town in Sacramento!  My mom, my "aunt" Mary and my twinzie Natalie all got dressed up and we went to Cafeteria on L and 15th street for some fancy comfort food and dancing afterwards.

I loved my "birthday cocktail" with the candle in the olive! I was too full from dinner to even think about dessert.!

I am still waiting to see my other ladies, for my birthday and just because I miss them!  But all in all, I need to thank everyone who brought me out of my super depressing, Eeyore, self-pitying funk and helped me enjoy some fun days celebrating me! Hahaha!

What I wore to SF:  Rock & Republic dress, Frye boots, Michael Kors hamilton satchel in mocha. Jacket from Kohls!

What I wore to dinner:  H&M tank top. American Apparel sheer mesh tee. Skirt from Kohl's. Shoes from DSW last year.

I am a very lucky gal!!!

Vanessa... now 27.

OH, one more... to show the back of my awesome dress (the straps and collar are leather btw!)

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  1. Happy Birthday Pretty Lady! Looks like you had a blast!


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