Monday, July 23, 2012

Favorites: Longchamp

I am planning on doing a few posts on some of my favorite things...  some of my "collections" if you will.  I don't mean to brag or compare what I have to others, but I do wish to express my adoration for certain things in my life that I enjoy, make me feel beautiful/comfortable/stylish... whatever the case or reason I love these things...
Starting with my love for the Longchamp Le Pliage line!
I have an appreciation for the simple things in life... simple but well done... simple food made with top ingredients, a perfect black tee, dark jeans with no frills that fit just right.  The Le Pliage (which is French for "the shopper") is just that... a water-resistant nylon canvas tote with Russian leather handles, simple hardware, beautiful colors, perfect shapes and sizes.  There are several sizes, but I have fallen for the "small" tote with the longer handle.  It tucks just right under my arm, or I can carry it in my hand without it touching the ground.  It can hold a ridiculous amount of items and not feel heavy, and it folds up easily for storage.  I think it is meant to be a high-end shopping tote, but it has turned into an "it" bag of sorts.

My mums and I first fell for this bag when we went to Munich in May of 2010 I believe... we saw a zillion girls carrying variations of the bag. I had no idea what it was until we were walking through Strasbourg France and saw the shop with the wall of Le Pliage.  Immediately they were bought and we had our first Longchamps and it has been uphill from there!

Jockey Logo

Jockey logo on gold hardware

All tucked in nicely!
I currently own 6 pieces.  Four totes, two in standard issue colors black and slate, two in seasonal colors curry and fir. I also recently purchased the make-up case in moss (seasonal color), and the backpack in white.  

I recommend this bag line to anyone.  Its price point, for being a brand luxury item, is surprisingly reasonable.  My mom now has three (black, slate and duck blue-seasonal), my sister in law just bought her first one in moss.  If I could buy one for each of my girl friends I would!!

Be careful to only purchase from a Longchamp store or a dealer of fine bags, as this line is HIGHLY knocked off.    
Buy online at, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales.

So there you have it! My Longchamp love explained!


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