Monday, July 9, 2012

Outfit: LaDuree Longchamp Love

Oh, I really take it to a whole other level when I put an outfit together sometimes!  The way my brain wraps itself around an idea and I get so excited and so attached, it is almost too much to handle sometimes.  Take this outfit for example (and be forewarned that this is a photo-heavy post)... It is the best outfit I think I have come up with in a WHILE... it is totally me and if I could wear something like this everyday then life would be grand!
Elements of favorite-ness:
1. Green - loads of green, my favorite color... the color of Laduree' as well as Longchamp.  The color of trees and pistachio macaroons. 
2. Skirt! - fishtail skirt being the new it-piece, I love this one... it is sexy but not over done.
3. Flat Sandals + bling - comfort and freedom to go about the day without fear of achy feet
4. Gold - lots of gold accessories to brighten my day! Also associated with the Laduree' colors
5.  Michael Kors - perfection would not be complete without a bit of MK
6.  Looking expensive - the perfect balance of cheaper items like the F21 tee and accessories balanced out with the expensive bag, designer-inspired sunglasses, lots of gold, sheer fabrics... look expensive without having to spend $600 on an outfit!

I wore my fishbone necklace because of my fishtail skirt! get it?! And my teensy Bourgeois and Tour Eiffel to rep my Frenchy love and the Longchamp/Laduree reference!  like I said, much too much thought, but everyone says it's the little details that count, right?

other than planning awesome outfits such as this, I am in the midst of reorganizing and redecorating a few small detail areas of my home... something fun besides cleaning and doing homework.

What I wore:
Tee, accessories from F21.  Skirt bought on ebay. Watch from Kohls. Sunglasses from Target.  Michael Kors Grayson bag.


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