Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Outfit: Longchamp Backpack debut

I am so tired and had a really fun day with the fam, so I am going to keep this one short... for myself mainly.
Just an outfit post but a normal/decent one methinks...
Right before it hit 103 degrees and my a/c decided to crap out, I was able to wear pants!!! And go on a walk without dying. So i took my new Longchamp backback out for a spinaroo!

What I wore:
Vintage Chambray shirt, lace tank. Pink cami and skinny jeans from F21. Floral TOMS. Longchamp backpack.

Hope your weekend is starting off right! Hopefully my hump day will be better!


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  1. Hey lady. Denim on denim is my favorite casual combo right now, so way to rock it!

    To answer your question, I found 2 great pairs of pointy toe heels on clearance at JC Penney. Less than $20 each! They're the perfect height, about 3 inches. Not too tall to be uncomfortable, not too short to look silly. I'd say no less than 2.5" no more than 3.5" for comfort.

    Here's a post with my leopard pair:

    Also, Zara has some lower heeled slingback versions right now that are actually chic, not granny.

    Thanks for the inquiry! I so enjoy helping my fellow fashionistas.


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