Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Outfit: Stars n Hair

My birthday is this week! And it is kinda bitter sweet.   Normally I go all-out for birthdays, including my own, but with the husband being gone everything feels different... but deep down I still feel like this week belongs to me.  SO, I wanna dress awesome for it...
Ps...  it's been 100+ degrees outside and I hate it... for being a July baby I feel like a crabby crab, retreating into my shell of air-conditioned home and/or vehicle.

PPS... I got mah hurrrcut!!!!

Obviously this was all about the jorts!  Some awesome festival-esque worn out mo-fo's that I bought in the summer sales.  I am more of a hearts person, but why not show some patriotism these days?  I don't even know what you would call this style of cut but I love it... i have never had anything like it before and it reminds me of some fabulous 60's 'do and I am going to werk it!!

What I wore:
Top and shorts from Kohls. Boots by Qupid from Reflections. Walmart Aviators. Harvey's Original Seatbelt bag.


ppps... I am so stoked for my outfit for tomorrow!!! YAY for my birthday!!! xoxo

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  1. Super fun necklace, and the boots absolutely make the outfit!


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