Thursday, August 16, 2012

Outfit: Hot Skip Jump

Oy... it's hot.
It's 9 in the morning and the a/c kicks on.
Not that I am complaining, being fortunate enough to have working a/c and not having to work outdoors and suffer like I see a lot of people doing.
I am just a baby about the heat and do not handle it well at all. 
I am a temperate creature.  I enjoy the 70's and overcast weather.
Too bad we can't move to SF.

I must say that I cheated a bit with this outfit... it evolved throughout the day... but this is what was intended and what started out:

I kinda photobombed this blog with pics of this outfit.  Something about wearing these sneakers made me want to twist and turn and jump around a little extra.  The stripes and geo print together was fun to wear as well!

 If you know me, you know I am not one to run around in the normal sorts of sneakers... my Nikes are for the gym and that is all! Sneakers to me are Chuck Taylors or Toms or the occasional Vans.  These hidden wedge ones are AWESOME and I could not resist.  The Isabel Marant ones are over $1000 new, and there is NO way I would ever pay that much for a pair of shoes, let alone sneakers.  I won't even pay $100!

The only thing that changed was during Aveline's cheer practice I switched to cobalt blue shorts, wore sandals and lost the bracelets.  It was tooooo hott.

What I wore:
H&M Skirt.
Top from Love Culture.
Sneakers from JCPenney's.
Bracelet from Tanzania, Africa.
Michael Kors Aviators.

I am off to watch some Boardwalk Empire... my new addiction!


PS... I know a lot of people that read my blog and either think I am completely narcissistic for taking so many photos of myself, OR they think I know how to pose like a model... well, guys and dolls... I take a lot of photos where I look like this:
 COMPLETE GOOBER NERD.  Photoblog FAIL, right here!  Jussayin... this really happens, more than you know... especially with action shots like a jump! It's safer to stick with model-y poses.  Leave the big stuff to Coco Rocha!
Hope that gave some of you a laugh. I am now embarrassed.

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  1. First off, love the title of this post! Second, killer look! You managed to make hot weather attire on-trend, fun and hot. Nice work, Vanessa!


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