Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Outfit: Hugs and Ruffles

Another hot one... and I am not feeling so good.  What's more comfortable than soft ruffled shorts and a loose, scrubby, square jerseyknit blouse?

 Went and had lunch with my mums and grumpy-tired Aveline at a nice little Italian restaurant that I won a raffled gift card to.  It was decent.  The food was simple and fresh made.  The drinks/cocktails list looked pretty interesting.

I am happy that I will spend the rest of the day doing laundry, cleaning up in the front yard and NOT being on the computer anymore.

I have been keeping up on the blogs of Chiara and the Coast to Coast trip she has been doing with her team.  It is incredible and I would love to do such an awesome road trip with my husband and Aveline some day.  It would definitely be the trip of a lifetime!

What I wore:
Jersey top, bought at Marshall's (old).  
Shorts bought off ebay.  
Michael Kors Grayson satchel.  
Sandals from TJ Maxx. 

xoxo... Vanessa 

PS... i think I want to start a Gossip Girl marathon... anyone have the DVDs?


  1. Love the top Vanessa..I am totally into over sized pieces right now!
    Sheree x

  2. Yep, shorts and a tee almost all I can handle in this heat, too. You've done them so well, especially with those cute lace shorts. A roadtrip does sound nice right now.


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