Monday, August 20, 2012

Outfit: oh so thin

One might not think, by the regular appearance of things on this blog, but I love tees.
The softer and slouchier, the better.
Nothing crazy with screenprints or designs...
I would choose jersey-knit over silk any day of the week.
Another thing... since I was a teen I have enjoyed cutting up and deconstructing tees... mostly to the failure, but still. I love them.
This tee is like the Holy Grail of tees for me.
Tissue thin.
Web-like shredding.
Sexy, light, yet tough all in one top!

 I was very happy and lucky to have my amazing friend Katie, shoot these photos for me.  It was nice having a change of scenery and not need to set up the tripod.  Check out her photography page and LIKE her FB

Buy a similar top HERE or HERE  I bought mine at a boutique in Tahoe.

What I wore:
Shredded tee.
Shorts from H&M.
Bustier from Aerie.
Thrifted sandals.
Earrings, gift.


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