Thursday, August 2, 2012

Outfit: Sunshine and lace

What is it about lace that is so lovely and fascinating?  It is like the snowflake of fabrics... perfectly crazy patterns of little holes and gaps in fabric.  It can be granny chic as collars or sock trimming or defyingly sexy as lingerie.  Yellow lace top... sexy and bright.  Cheerful.  Why can't some people be as awesome as yellow lace?  Let people see the real you through the pretty pattern.

Every day I try to incorporate some of my birthday goodies, as July was a very shopping-fruitful-gift-receiving month for me! I try not to be so materialistic but I love life and I love dressing my best for it! (Hey! a new motto?) 

Wearing bright colors has been bringing joy into my life and it is showing in many facets and I want to keep it going.  I was on a weird binge of wearing black, white and grey for a while, and it was strange how life was truly kind of blah.  Bring on the yellow, hot pink and contrast color and invite a happy aura.

I admit that I felt a teeny bit on display wearing a bandeau under a sheer top, but honestly I have been dieting and tanning and have felt really great about myself lately... maybe its just the positive energy too, but it was also 100 degrees and I was going to be walking around outside so, sorry Dad if this outfit is a bit risque.  

What I wore:
Yellow lace tank and denim shorts from F21.  White lace covered bandeau from Nordstroms. Sunnies thrifted. Wedges from Target.  Most of the accessories gifted.



  1. I know what you mean Vanessa, I always feel better when I am tan! I love the color of that lace and I ma loving you rhair that color!
    thanks for the reassurance on my skulls :) I was really doubting it and it wasn't cheap!
    have a gerat one!
    Sheree x

  2. beautiful top!


  3. Love the yellow lace top. Very bold and pretty.


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