Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Favorites: Michael Kors

Where does one begin?

And I do think it's okay to admit that you know him from seasons of Project Runway... that beautifully tan, chic man in the black, judging all the designers.  He is accomplished and recognized for many reasons and all reasons cannot be denied.
Michael Kors knows the American woman, loves her and treats her well.
Effortless, classic, clean-cut, elegant, modern... these are the words that come to mind when I think of MK and all the things he creates.

Jersey knits, perfect leathers, tasteful hardware, furs, metalics, wooley sweaters and crisp lines are regulars in the MK lines... functional, beautiful and timeless.  Invest in a MK piece and you will not be sorry!

Here is my collection of all things Michael Kors that I have purchased, been gifted and have been lucky enough to own and cherish over the past year...

photo by Terry Richardson

 I keep them all in dust bags, as should you if you have any nice leather or canvas bags, if you purchase one!  If you buy one from an outside boutique or store and it doesn't come with a dust bag, you can go into the store and ask for one.

First MK piece I ever got... my Fulton wristlet, which I use as my wallet every day. For all you Iphone addicts, here is a wallet that will hold your phone as well!
 My first gorgeous purse!!!!  The Gansevoort Satchel.  I received it as a gift from my husband for my birthday... it was difficult to choose, but this has been my go-to bag for almost any look, casual or dressy!
 Birthday gift from my parents... my perfect little party bag... big enough for my cards, cell phone, keys, lipgloss, and the color is fantastic.  A bold shade like this can go with nothing or everything! Check out THIS ONE as a great party purse alternative.
 Michael is known for his signature Aviator sunglasses, so I had to get a pair of his for myself! and I love them! And you will too!!!
I found this belt at a consignment store in Old Roseville and had to have it!  It matches my Gansevoort satchel and I wear black and gold more than any other combination!
 This tote was a springy surprise from my husband! I have been lusting over the orange shade for months... always makes me think of luxury and Hermes... Similar one here

My parents spoil me immensely... This was my Christmas gift surprise!!!  The Mocha Hamilton in the crackled Italian leather... the smaller Hamilton is the perfect size and shape for me... ANYONE who knows anything about MK will recognize the Hamilton tote.  The regular large Hamilton is a classic "it" bag, but is a bit larger for my taste... it was originally my toss-up choice between the Gansevoort and the black with gold hardware Hamilton... what I am getting at is that this bag is amazing, luxurious and classic.  I will wear this bag for YEARS to come.  Find a Hamilton that's right for you, and feel like an It Girl!

 Oh, the Grayson Satchel ... the classic shaped, beautiful bag that is the shape of luxury and the color of French Vanilla Bean ice cream... what's not to love?! It is also in the realm of the Hamilton in being a classic and recognizable shape.  This gorgeous thing was a gift from my mums and dad, a mother's day gift and something extra special after my husband got deployed this spring...
 The most recent addition and kind of a splurge was this pink pretty here!!!  The newer saffiano leater Jet Set bucket tote.  Funky, clean cut, fun and a great size with a comfortable handle length.  The leather alone just feels and smells like luxury.  The genius of Michael Kors can simply lie in the quality and choice of the materials... Get it while it's still around HERE!!

This Thursday is Fashions Night Out and you can guarantee that I will be there at the Michael Kors store in Arden where they are hosting the event.  If anyone wants to join me, please come along!

I am happy to spread the Michael Kors news and love!!!  Be yourself, be fresh and classic, don't be afraid to wear things that are bold and simple all in one! 


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