Monday, September 24, 2012

Let's Talk

Wow, today has really been a Monday worth mentioning!
I am not usually one to complain, but I am so brainwrecked, trainwrecked that I actually want to say in type, I need a break!
Just from school.  Not from life. I actually want to get back to normal life things like cleaning my house consistently, and enjoying the act of running errands.  I would like to have focus beyond the 24 inches in front of me.  I would like to regain the attention span to watch a full length movie without worrying about classwork.  Since Jorden left, it has been non-stop classes and I thought I could tough it out, but if I do not take this short break, I might as well kiss a few hundred bucks bye bye because I will crash n burn in the next course!

Getting ready to get my hair fresh and fabulous for my trip to Las Vegas!  I am nervous, but excited to get extensions put in. Does anyone have any advice on care or comfort with them?  I wanna make them last!  I wanna do some of these awesome do's I see on pinterest!
Found here

And any tips or pointers on where to go in Vegas?  I will be with a group mixed of guys and hot gals... where should we go to party and dance?!?!


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  1. Love the hair extension idea, especially for Vegas!!!


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