Thursday, September 6, 2012

Outfit: Feelgood

It's a sick day for me... one that is dragging by achingly.
HOWEVER... it does not mean I am not going to make it to the MK Fashions Night Out event tonight. And I will be taking my fashionista darling Aveline with me as well...

Anyhoo... It's feeling like Fall is blowing in, so jeans/jeans-with-stretch-aka-jeggings are back in the mix.
Messy hair.
Favorite brand tee RVCA.
New staple flats.

Here's to hoping I can muster the energy to get my errands done, drag through my class assignments, and pull a look together before 6 pm...

WHat I wore:
Studded flats from JCP.
Gifted earrings.
Watch from Target.

Ps... you will probably be seeing loads of these flats... I tried on some Sam Edelman ones last year that were over $100, and these were about 1/3 the cost and the same look, real leather, super sharp spikes... lets hope I dont hurt/snag anyone with these!  


BLOOPER: "I have a bright idea!!!"  hahaha!

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