Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Outfit: New TOMS wedges

Hey team!
Sorry for lack of posts recently.  School has been killing me and been so time consuming, plus I have been busy taking care of some non-internet/computer related things in my life.  Everyone needs to get back to reality sometime, right?!

My mum is my best friend, biggest supporter and a fashion inspiration... she is also a major sponsor of my fashion by buying and sharing great items!  She recently got me a pair of the new TOMS Suede Desert Wedges and I think they are going to be my new fave shoe!!!  They are comfortable, versatile and I cannot wait to wear these all through Fall and even the California winter!!!

 This is a ridiculously lazy outfit, but with all the stress I have been having lately, it is the norm.  I think these jeans are also my favorite thing in my wardrobe right now.  I want to wear them every day and I have to fight with myself not to.  The tee is kinda an Urban Outfitters knockoff and I love it. 
Thanks, mom for picking up these wedges for me!!!

What I wore:
Tee from DD's.
Jeans from F21.
TOMS Desert Wedges in chestnut.
Watch and earrings from Target.



  1. Great top. Love the animal print cross print.
    Can't believe those wedges are TOMS. I bet they are truly comfy.

  2. LOVE this entire outfit!!!!!


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