Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Outfit: Rosegold

Everything lately has been awesome!  So awesome that I have had to put blogging on the backburner for a couple weeks.  The husband came HOME!!!
We went to Vegas.
Aveline's had a week off of school...
It is now just feeling like things are going to get back to normal...
henceforth, school, blogging, life in general!
Yet, everything has a twist on it... for the better. A glow of sorts.  Like something new and exciting is on the horizon, but is closer than you think.

I am loving my life right now, and everything in it and about it.  So much positivity, it is hard to believe. 

California Autumns are strange with their mix of coolness and hot sunshine.  The tank is a sweatery knit, and it is still warm enough to wear sandals, but I am loving the chance to wear jeans.

What I wore:
Tank from Kohls.
Forever 21 Jeans.
Seychelle sandals.
MK Grayson satchel.
MK Aviators.
Accessories from F21 and Kohl's.

I would like to welcome back my blog photog, my wonderful husband! Being back, I put him to work! And he is also really good at pointing at things ;-)


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