Monday, November 26, 2012

Outfit: Dinner Party attire

Thanksgiving was AMAZING. Probably the best Thanksgiving I have ever had.  It was beautiful, mellow, peaceful and so full of love and good company and FOOD!
In my family we love clothes, we love to dress up and any chance we get, we will, especially for holiday events!

I think this is one of those dresses that is a classic piece - in color, cut, material.  I love it. I felt so ladylike wearing it!  I jazzed it up with fun tights and my simple black booties.

For the little one I kind of played up the Harajuku/Gwen Stefani vibe, with the houndstooth and the hot pink and the awesome braided topknot hairdo!  She was SO cute! I thought we looked like the perfect mommy-daughter duo!

Like I said, Thanksgiving was magical and just proves everything I have to be thankful for already is always with me!

going for her green beans!

Does anyone else's family love to dress up for family events?  Even if they are still in-home?

What I wore:
Mossimo Dress from Target.
F21 Tights.
Chinese Laundry black suede booties.

Happy Holidays!

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