Thursday, November 15, 2012

Outfit: Instead of jeans

Just in case you aren't from the Sacramento area, everyone is sick, or getting sick, or knows someone who's sick.  It's terrible.
I have been at home almost all day since Sunday.  Yup.  Felt it coming on Saturday. Slept all day on Sunday. And I haven't been tired since... miserable, but not quite tired.  Watched a lot of movies, read books, magazines, ate yummy crock pot foods, and then felt well enough to tackle all my chores around the house that have been staring at me... rehung almost every picture in my house. Organized my magazines. Rearranged various areas of the home.  Lots of things besides cleaning.  Does anyone like to decorate before cleaning? I do.  I will dust along the way, but I tend to make a mess when I decorate or reorganize so decorate first, deep clean after!  Get the fun stuff going first.

Anyways... been doing a lot of online searching for outfit inspiration.  Some of my most favorite things are patterned pants; black and gold combinations; rose gold accessories; fur, fur and more fur; military inspired looks mixed with girly touches.  Being sick and having bad hair and a red, chapped nose is not inspiring me to get up and get dressed cute, but luckily I do have some outfits to post from the week before I contracted this plague of a cold.

These pants were a risk for me!  Out of my comfort zone for sure. Bold flowers, light colors and I resisted the urge for being overly matchy.  I simply used the patterned jeans instead of regular jeans! Imagine how much more boring this outfit would be with regular skinny jeans?! It was cold enough in the morning to wear the faux fur, but by afternoon, the sun crawled out and warmed up the day.

What I wore:
Black H&M tee with lace shoulder detail.
Pants from Kohls.
Sneakers from JCP
Thrifted faux fur coat.

Moral of the story... don't let being sick get you down and don't be afraid to grab something different to replace an otherwise boring outfit element! It doesn't have to be hideous pants with the print of an early '90s couch, but anyhow... 


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