Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Outfit: So trendy, right?

JusswhenIthought... it was going to be chilly willy cold enough to wear something warm and cozy... it's another 70 degree day!

Let's talk about something I have an issue with: SWEATERS.
Yes... the Fall and Winter staple wardrobe item.  The knitwear that people spend so much time and money finding, collecting, styling and wearing every day of the cooler months. 
Sweaters and I are NOT friends.
I have owned cheap, expensive, new, thrifted, vintage, wool, cashmere, blends, acrylic, mohair, cable knit, thin knit, probably grandma-knit!!!! 
They itch.
I get hot way too easy.
I look fat and lumpy in them.
They snag on my jewelry.
What is there to love about sweaters?
I don't know, but I keep on trying... I have yet to find a sweater that I love... (I have a few cardigans I am fond of, but that's about it.) 

So here I go again... this one fairly simple... something fitted but still oversized enough to wear over leggings.  I think it's all going so well... doesn't itch, I only look slightly lumpy, but that's my and not the sweater's fault...
And I wear it on a warm day, which ruins it for me!

I don't think I could be more unoriginal or on trend than this: oxblood colored velvet leggings, wedge sneakers, black and gold everywhere else.

For the record, I have always loved black and gold! and I had my wedge sneakers back when the Spice Girls rocked them!

Easy enough outfit though... why cant everything in the world be made of jersey knit or leather?!


What I wore:
Sweater and Leggings from Kohls.
Michael Kors Gansevoort satchel.
Sneaker wedges from JCPenney.

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  1. Itchy and lumpy is right! I have the same gripes about sweaters. And I also love black and gold! Don't give up hope on the sweater hunt, girl. :)


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