Sunday, November 18, 2012

Outfit: These Boots

Why can't I find the perfect pair of boots this year?  I am a simple girl when it comes to boots.  I like them comfortable (low or flat heeled), flattering (almond toed preferably), and a lovely color or texture.  I don't like them overly embellished where I can't wear the hell out of them with a ton of different looks.
I found these, and I do love. Love love love.  They were a bit darker than I thought they would be, but nonetheless, they fit the bill!

What I wore:
Vest, thrifted.
Hat, F21.
Tank, Target.
Abercrombie & Fitch cardigan.
Jeans, thrifted.
Boots, Qupid brand.
Longchamp bag.
Michael Kors Sunglasses.

Does anyone else find that the outfit piece lists get longer in the fall?! So many layers to account for.  This is going to be my last post where I look like this! Be excited about something new coming up!


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