Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in Review

A time for reflection and a time for future hope...


My FRIENDS... they are rockstars... and through the ups and downs we all love and care for each other, like the sisters I never had.  I have come to realize that I crave and NEED some craziness in my life (craziness, not drama) and they help me get there! and we frickin look good doing it!

My first trip to Las Vegas!!!:

I was able to throw a Surprise Birthday Party for my mom:

Aveline's first birthday party in our home was a success:

Summer with our own pool was seksi!

The deployment of my husband was wretched and terrible and I think I still suffer from some stress from it, but I just hope it will benefit his future goals:

His safe return was a gift that I will forever be thankful to all the spiritual world for:

My brother finally moved back to California and brought some Garcia originality back to Antelope Town!:

My daughter participated in Cheer and started kindergarten!

There are so many other things that happened:
changes with our new house after living here for one year!
Cooking less than I probably should have.
New tattoos.
Photoshoot fun.
Tanning and swimming lots!
Travels to Monterey, Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz, San Diego, San Francisco...

Shopping has been incredible as well.  My intake of Michael Kors and Longchamp should probably get me through the few years at least (unless they come out with something in cobalt blue!)

My resolutions and goals for 2013:
This should be an interesting year and one again full of changes! Jorden will be getting out of the military and pursuing his new career.  I will finally graduate from University and will hopefully be able to find an awesome job!  I would like to support my husband more in having positive and encouraging thoughts and goals. 

Personal goals would be to travel more, volunteer more at Aveline's school and for a few other causes that are close to my heart. 
I would like to challenge myself physically, since I have challenged myself mentally.
More photoshoots, more awesome outfits and take better care of my skin and hair!  
I would like to pray and write more. 
I am going to try to eat less fried foods, dairy and consume less alcohol.

I think there is both a lot of hope and a lot of assuming people will fail when it comes to making resolutions, but I try to think positive about it and have hope for myself, and others as well!
The power of positive thinking and positivity in the things you endeavor to do will never be a bad thing...

SO, here's to positivity in all that you do, hope to accomplish, or will continue to do the same of in 2013!


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  1. Hi hon! Happy New Year! It has been a busy and trying one for you but I have no doubt that 2013 will bring nothing but positivity and joy to you and the family. Cheers!


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