Friday, December 14, 2012

Keep on...

In the light of what is going on in the world and in the news, it feels superficial to post about things like clothes and outfits and fashion... but we cannot let those that choose to be evil and disgusting and inhuman take away the joy of the little things in life; take away the little things that we appreciate.  I am so appreciative of everything in my life.  I pray daily thanks for what I already have... I say a silent prayer for my daughter's ten fingers and ten toes and her one dimple and her amazing hair and skin and eyes.  I do not take for granted and I do my best to keep her safe and happy and growing and learning and laughing.  If I were to lose her, be it to sickness or psychos, accident or fate, I do not and will not be able to comprehend how my life would ever continue on... I would never want to leave her and I would never want her to leave me or be taken from me.
I am staying away from the news outlets and am having difficulty checking in on Facebook.  Tragedy is a terrible part of life and I am grateful with every fiber of my being that tragedy has not befallen my family the way it has so many others.

With all my love, for my Aveline... and may all the children lost be safe and happy in Heaven.  

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