Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Christmas Wishlist

Although the Holidays are about spending time with family and friends, it's still fun to think about PRESENTS.
I am not going to lie, but I love presents... giving them... getting them... giving some more! I am like a child!  I don't care if the gift is big or small, homemade or bought from the mall, presents are fun!

My tattoo is my gift this year and it is a big one that I am super grateful for! I can't wait until it is done at the end of this month...
If I were to have some presents under the tree, here is what I would hope for:

New Tripod:  Mine is currently broken/fixed/broken again... a new one would be awesome!

Black Picture Frames:  I could always use more!  4x6 and 5x7 sized... maybe a Shutterfly gift card as well to help fill those frames?

Brown and Gold Collier de Chien bracelet: because it's gorgeous!
Nameplate Necklace:  for the "carrie" in me!
Sneaker Wedges: Because they are the best ever and I wear my black ones ALL the time. I like the color blended ones...
Comfortable Boots: Because feet need to be loved and cared for!  I like the idea of having those gorgeous green Ugg boots to match my green Longchamp.
Bearpaw Sarah boot

Ugg classic short in Pine Needle color

Ugg classic tall in Navy

What is on your Christmas wishlist?  What would you like Santa to put in your stocking or under the tree?


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