Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas Our Night Before Christmas...

“Our Night Before Christmas”
BY: Vanessa Innes 2012
Twas the night before Christmas, in Antelope town.
A Garcia was stirring, in a Redwater house.
Thousands of ornaments were hung with great care,
 On three Christmas trees, between the three pairs.

Over on Northam, with the shiny black door,
Steven and Jillian and June cuddled more.
Hermione the cat could really care less,
If Santa was coming, she just wanted the present paper mess!

Out on the lawn, there was a great clatter,
June and Butters both barked a “whatsa matter?!”
Could it, might it, be Saint Nick?
Hop in your beds again right-quick!

Move on down to Fawn Run Way,
Aveline in bed, could hardly wait until day.
She knew she had to heed the Christmas eve warning:
No presents, until the light of morning!
Dreams of Yeti, Giant and Trek,
Filled the dreams of the three grown men!
Boots, coats, accessories and Kors,
Are things the three lovely ladies adores!

But with thinking of dolls and delicious things,
There is something else that pulls heart strings.
The closeness of family, that brings Christmas cheer,
Is extra special because we are all so near.

With Jorden and Steven being near and far,
We must cherish every moment where we are,
Togetherness is the best gift of all.
Love in the heart is the home we can call.

With Santa in the sky, and the baby Jesus in the hay,
With lights on the eaves and roofs cleared for the sleigh,
We’ll listen for Santa to say as he drives out of sight,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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