Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Year, a New Way

This new year really did me in... between resolutions, changes (current and impending), I am making positive and interesting differences in the things that I love and want to do.  I have a lot going on and there are so many times I can feel so detached and I feel like I am gypping myself out of the fullness that I can experience in life.
I think it's okay to enjoy little things, like nice clothes, nail polish, fancy foods, fluff books, taking pictures of anything and everything... just do not forget to really taste the food, touch things with those polished fingers, look at what you are photographing, and live in the clothes you choose to wear.  Don't be such a slave to consumerism and a filtered eye through a camera or phone. 

I am going to choose to change a few things within my blogging spectrum... make it less about my outfits and styling and more about fashion and style, amongst other things.  I might still post some outfit posts here and there, but I want to exude my love for fashion, my interpretation and advice about it, and I want to encourage communication... I want to hear feedback. I would LOVE for people to ask me questions, give me commentary, inquire about topics in fashion, accessories, dressing, lifestyle, etc.  I was a journalist for years and I think I still have that inquisitive, investigative nature.  I want to do features, test out styles, products, and just learn and teach more about what I love.  I love getting dressed, I love styling outfits; I always have and always will.

When I was a little girl, my mom would take my brother and I back-to-school shopping, and before the first day of school, I would literally write down every piece of new apparel I had gotten over the summer.  I would list tops, bottoms, shoes, dresses all separately, and I would compile lists of outfits from the lists of items so I would be able to wear a different combination of outfit every day of school for as long as I could... I am talking 10 years old, and I continued to do it up through high school!  Clothing and style obsession from an early age! (my mom bought me my first fashion magazine when I was in fourth grade! Sassy magazine! anyone remember that one?)

With the constant outfit blogging, I feel I am sending an indirect message of narcissism... a sort of "look at me! look at me!" bragass kind of vibe.  I read many, many outfit blogs where every single post is an outfit post and I enjoy them immensely.  I love to feel pretty and see myself in pictures, but my level of vanity is getting in the way of things in my life.  Maybe I should get a mannequin and put my outfits together like a store does?  I don't know. I haven't quite figured that part out yet... maybe another fashion/style/outfit blogger can reassure me that I am not coming off like a total asshole taking pictures of myself every single day. I feel guilty about it sometimes, is all.

So, I am going to wrap up this heart-to-heart... and we'll see how the reveries go on from here! 
My new mission statement:

Le Queen VII's Reveries
A blog about a normal lady, living a bourgeouis chic lifestyle.
A lover of life, family and friends foremost.
Fashion, Writing and Photography are passions filling in the other seats on this train.
Food, travel, pop culture and reading bring up the rear of what this blog has to offer.
The aim is to be personal and talk about what I experience, love and care to share.

Personal goals:  Shop less!  Re-use more. Write better. Improve my photography.   

Le Queen Vii
Vanessa I.I.

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