Thursday, January 31, 2013

Adventuretime: Crocker Art Museum

When it comes to parenting, I am not one that gives unwarranted advice.  If someone asks my opinion on things to do with children I will give it, but I try to do so without offending or coming across too opinionated.  Everyone does things their own way and it doesn't mean one way is better than the other,
I am very strongly opinionated on the fact that I believe children need to be exposed to things that will stimulate them and enrich their lives.  Living in Europe for three years truly allowed us to expose our daughter to the museum experience.  We were able to show her things and allow her to see, hear, and learn about so much.  Even if she does not remember most of it, the etiquette, the process, the observation skills that come with visiting a museum are now second nature to her. 

This week we visited the Crocker Art Museum to particularly see the Norman Rockwell collection that was on display for a short time.  Personally, I get super choked up, verge of tears excited, about seeing pieces of artwork that I relate to, love, or are famous.  I equate it to seeing a celebrity! The adrenaline of excitement overcomes me! (I am a nerd, in case you didn't know!).  I do not consider myself an expert on anything in the art world, but I am moved by the creativity and the craft of being able to make something profound, beautiful, reaching, whatever.

I have always been a fan of Rockwell and how any one of his Saturday Evening Post covers could tell an entire story in one image.  You can relate to them, from imagining a moment of childhood, or hoping you will feel the way the old man does in the painting.  Seeing them up close... seeing the texture and detail and depth, was incredible.  I found some I recognized and I found a few new favorites.

I enjoy seeing Aveline look at the paintings.  I ask her questions and opinions.  I get down to her level of view and see what they look like from her perspective.  It's such a joy on so many levels.

I could not take photos while in the gallery, but we did get some of us around and about the museum and the kids crafting section!

What I wore:
I.N.C. Dress, thrifted. 
 Mustard tights from F21.
Ray Ban Cateye wayfarers.
Michael Kors Gansevoort satchel.

Aveline wore:
Gap jumper dress, thrifted!

My challenge, to those of you with children: take them out. Expose them to art, culture and fun. Don't be intimidated if they are the only kid there! You gotta teach them at some point. Start young if you can! 


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