Monday, January 21, 2013

Boots of F/W 2012-13

My boot collection went through a change and overhaul this fall/winter!  I am a boot fan for sure and I hold on to my pairs for as long as I possibly can.  It seems like boots can make it through season after season and not really go out of style like sandals or heels can.  And I think that's a good thing because boots aren't usually a cheaper wardrobe item.  I braved the withdrawl of losing some of my favorite pairs and removed the boots that are just plain worn out, torn up, beaten up, DONE... and replaced with some new ones!  Ones that once again, I hope I can wear repeatedly and keep in my rotation for a long time and many seasons to come!

Short boots:  Bearpaw glitter boots (Christmas present!), short black booties from F21 (gift from mom), short brown boots from Kohls.  I love short boots as transitional boots, particularly between Fall and Spring.

Long boots:  Gray ones are from Sears (Christmas gift from my parents), Medium cognac color from Charlotte Russe, Buckled boots with gum soles from DDs Discounts, Over the Knee boots Qupid brand (bought on ebay).  

All my boots are $50 or less!  And my theory when shopping for boots to make them more versatile for me is minimalist details, comfort, and a nice toe shape.  I have longer feet and I try to find boots that don't make my feet look huge.  I like boots that don't have lots of hardware on them, so as to avoid catching on my variety of stockings, and I must be picky about the heel.  A few years ago I broke my foot and I cannot wear heels for hours on end, and I love my boots and I use them for LOTS of walking.

What are your favorite boots?  Where do you like to shop for them? Do you have lots to choose from or do you stick to your favorites?

OH!  I just discovered an awesome way to store boots in the closet!  Do you ever get annoyed with your long boots getting all crumpled up and lumped in a corner?

Use a skirt hanger!

I have seen "boot hangers" for sale, but a sturdy skirt hanger, like this one from Ikea, was only $1 and it works great!!!

Vanessa I.I.

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