Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lost and Found: Black Heart

How is everyone's weekend going? Mine is good so far.

Whilst shopping for Lady Gaga concert wear (more on THAT adventure soon!), I found something that made me so very happy!

I get very attached to certain accessories and I will wear them repeatedly and tirelessly.  I am always very careful with them, but while in Las Vegas (October 2012) I lost one of the pairs of my favorite black glitter heart earrings! They were a birthday gift from my lovely friend Keara, and I think they were from the Madonna line that she has a Macy's... Material Girl.  I LOVE/loved these earrings.  Devastated and knowing I would never see it again, I held on to the poor lonely earring.

Well... leave it to good ol' Forever 21 to have such an awesome, simple pair to make my heart whole again.  If you think I am silly and that "it's just earrings" then go on and think me silly... let's see how you would feel if you ruined or lost your favorite black tee or ripped your perfect jeans!

At $2.80 I could not refuse!  I will definitely do my best to not lose one again!

Have you ever lost anything and been lucky enough to find it again, or find a replica? 

Vanessa I.I.

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