Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Outfit: Pugsley and Wednesday on a funday

My husband is awesome and has been stepping outside of his normal fashion realm, which is bootcut jeans and screen print tees... He buys new clothes probably once every three or four years and I finally have gotten him to take some risks!
Henceforth: Skinny Jeans and a "Pugsley" tee, by Volcom!

feels like his pants are high-water! They are NOT baggy!

My husband is hott! Jussayin.

What he wore:
Pac Sun Rincon jeans. Vans sneakers. NY Yankees all black hat. Volcom Tee, thrifted. 

I got dressed after Jorden and went along with the black and white look.  I am, always have been and always will be in LOVE with black and white looks.

 Add some glitter and le splash de neon fluoro yellow and I am good to go!!

What I wore:
White peplum top from Charlotte Russe. Blazer, Candies brand. Pants, Elle collection from Kohls. Glitter boots from the Princess Vera line from Kohls. Ray Ban cat-eye wayfarers!

I think we need a close-up on the boots!  I could never afford the Zanotti glitter boots  (on sale for $537!), so these are amazing! I only wish the toe was slightly more almond-shaped, but I can settle for the gorgeous glitter being enough!  While I do not agree with copycat items or knock-offs, I realistically will never buy shoes that expensive... especially trendy items.

Have you ever matched up looks with your significant other just for fun?!  Have you ever found some high-end piece you have been lusting after at high-street prices?

Vanessa I.I.


  1. Loooove the jacket and those boots! Love love love!


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