Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Two Lipsticks Vivid Enough for V

I am one lucky bi-otch!!! I will tell you straight UP!
I am going to see Lady Gaga... it's going to be amazeballs. I am going to die when I see her. OMG! I can hardly contain my excitement... more to come on THAT.
Let's talk about LIPS. Gorgeous lips, bright lips, pinkish purple puckered lips!
I am getting braver with my lip colors and trying harder to take better care of my lips. I am blessed with full lips, but honestly, when it comes to the products to embellish that feature, I am pretty lost. I keep it simple with glosses mostly, and maybe a dab of lipstick here and there.  The husband hates lipstick (he actually kisses me often!), but when he's not around, which is every other day, I feel more free to pretty-up my pucker with new stuff.
I have seen the Lady Gaga Monster Ball concert DVD a zillion times and have seen all her vids on youtube and I LOVE how she always has amazing lipstick.  I am a thrifty make-up shopper, which makes for good and bad finds, with not being able to sample like at the makeup counters in the stores, so I took a risk with these Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids.
They were the brightest and boldest pigmented shades in Target and at around $6 each, I took a risk.  The one I looked at at MAC was about $16 a piece.  I bought two shades.

Brazen Berry and Pink Pop

Which one is more Gaga?

Pink Pop 860

Brazen Berry 905
 Creamy texture, great color deposit.  I think I really need to moisturize my lips more before putting it on Aquaphor is my recent lip addiction as well).  I think the Pop Pink is more Gaga.
I have figured out that I adore all shades of purple and plum, I am most comfortable with peachy nudes, reds need to lean more towards coral for me, and pinks... oh I adore pink, BUT, what shade of pink works for me? Still trying to figure that one out. This Vivid one is a fun start though!

What are your favorite shades of lip color? Any tips and tricks to share? Would you try the Color Vivids? There are a lot more shades!

Vanessa I.I.

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