Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Aveline!!

Today is my precious princess Aveline's 6th birthday!  She is MY gift every single day.  She is my best lil buddy, my cuddler, my co-fashionista, co-chef, co-party-rocker, my everything and all!  If you have never met her, just know that she is one of the smartest, coolest, funniest, most sophphphphisticated, sweetest, kindest kids you will ever meet!  She is rough-n-tumble, loud and sassy one minute, and gentle, quiet and considerate all at once.  She genuinely values all of her family and friends with everything she has in her!

photos by VII

MILESTONES from 5-6:
Started Kindergarten. (made lots of new friends!)
Can read MANY words and easy books now!
Rides her bike without training wheels.
Joined Girl Scouts.
Had her first Cheerleading competition, medal and trohpy.
Learned to swim.
Had her first slumber party.
Got better at rollerskating.
Lost 2 baby teeth!

This kiddo has some superpowers (I think it's all in the hair! ;-) )
Her dad and I love her so completely, we could not imagine life without her.  We are so blessed that she is happy, healthy, sees and hears clearly, has ten fingers and ten toes, and eats all sorts of foods with comfort and ease.  I don't take anything for granted with her.

SO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Avelinie-beanie, Beebsie-Bop, Booger-lips, Scuttle-butt!  We love you and hope you have an awesome time this year being 6 YEARS OLD!!

Vanessa I.I. (Momma)

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