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Ten Essential Black Shoes

Black shoes.
Let's talk about them!!!
Does anyone else besides me find themselves buying black shoes over and over?  I honestly don't find anything wrong with that!  Black is a wardrobe essential, works year round, never goes out of style and can be styled up, down and all around!  Mix it with browns, blues, metallics... have a base of black shoes and you will be ready for any occassion!

Here are my top TEN types of black shoes I recommend:

 Whether ballet or pointy, matte or patent, I think having the perfect flat that works for you is essential!  My personal choice is this flat from JCPenney.  I like that it has not hardware so it goes with whatever whether I am accessorizing in gold or silver.  I like the two-tone texture of suede and smooth leather.  The spikes add some edge, which I think I need to keep my style from looking too juvenile. Find a flat that will go with everything: jeans, dresses, etc!

I personally, am not the typical sneaker-wearer, but I think it's so fun and essential to have a sporty shoe.  I think anything is better than wearing sneaks that look like you are going to the gym.  I went with wedges, but other great, classic options are a pair of Vans Slip-ons or Converse Chuck Taylors! They are ever-ready if you need to go to the park, go for a bike ride, heading to the park or the lake... but you still look fashionable!

Get a pair that is going to compliment your legs!!! A pair that can be dressed up or dressed down.  I chose this pair and have had them for a few years now... simple bunched over-the-knee boots with no heel and no buckle.  A small heel or wedge would be good as well.

Casual or dressy... I think the short boot is essential as a transitional piece and can be worn all year long!  I like a casual moto boot, or a simple, clean cut "Beatles" boot, as I like to call it.  With jeans, shorts, dresses... short boots are great when you don't want to wear tall boots or weather doesn't allow.

We're getting into sexy territory.  Find a platform you can walk in, and to do that I have a trick... if you try the shoe on and you can't lift your heel an inch off the ground the heel is too high, the arch is too steep, and you will walk funny and your feet will hurt, I can pretty much guarantee that!  My Chinese Laundry platforms are amazingly comfortable and I have been able to walk and dance in them because the arch is not too steep and the heel is stable.  Try the shoes on at the shoe store and walk around and around.  Do not be intimidated by the platform.  They make your legs look miles long!  This is the go-to shoe for date nights, party nights, and perfect for little dresses or gorgeous long pants.

Another sexy bit of shoe!  Again, do the arch test and make sure the heel feels stable so you won't murder your feet and walk like a weirdo!  A bit more subtle than the sexy platform, but this shoe can go well for daytime dates and adventures.

 The wedge is fun and not necessarily so dressy.  I think wedges can be fun in espadrille form or with a cork or wooden sole, or just solid like these!  Dress them up or down.  Wedges are more stable than normal heels and can be really easy to wear and walk in.  Be careful again of getting too steep of an arch. 

 This shoe, along with the fashion sneaker, are the gym shoe deterrents! I am addicted to my Uggs.  But you can go in a completely different direction, like with a pair of black TOMS in the summertime!  You can throw them on with jeans and a sweater and look a little more dressed than you would otherwise.
With my sandals in storage right now, I had to browse for some examples.  My ideal flat sandal is like my ideal flat. Simple is good!  Go for a perfect T-strap, or cutout or minimalist sandal.  These are some examples from Forever 21, but Target, DSW, Macy's all have great simple finds!

For the working girl, the classic lady, to wear with dresses, skirts, or jeans... finding the perfect pump is a challenge, either to find or to afford (think of the Louboutins!  I think a slight point rather than a round toe is better and looks sleeker and classier.  I have tried on the Worthington pump from JCP and was very surprised at how pretty and comfortable the shoe was and for less than $40, you can't complain!  This is the one essential I am missing, but maybe soon I will get these!

I hope this list helps you go through your shoe closet!  Sift through and maybe find some pairs you don't wear so often that you might be able to sell or trade so you can add pairs that will last and fill in the gaps in your wardrobe!  That's what my "Essential" series is all about!

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Vanessa I.I.


For my hippie fun trendy awesomely girly ladies out there...

Go for it! Try it out.  You may be pleasantly surprised!!!  I love wearing mine with jeans and dresses!

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  1. Black goes with everything though, doesn't it?

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