Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Weekly Wardrobe

The every-woman's dilemma: lots of clothes, nothing to wear.

I have a solution.
It may seem ridiculous, but trust me, when you wake up and have an awesome outfit to grab and go, you will be grateful you did this!

Over the last few years, I have taken the time to preset outfits.  I do this for many reasons and they are reasons that I am sure every woman relates to...
You don't know what to wear in the mornings.
You are tired of wearing the same outfits all the time.
You don't feel comfortable in what you are wearing so halfway through the day, you want to change.
You don't have anything you feel is fun/interesting/different/stylish to wear.

I have been there a million times, but what everyone needs to realize is that with a little bit of fun and time and consideration you can have a week or two worth of outfits ready to grab and go!  The keys:
About an hour's time
A mirror
A glass of wine and some music!

For those of you that may find this whole concept ridiculous or a waste of time, this post is not for you! For those of you who want to have fun, awesome outfits to choose from, please proceed!

I try to take advantage of the nights that my husband is at work.  And I have a couple of philosophies when dressing and try to actuate those ideas:
You never need to wear the same thing twice. (if you don't believe me, try a 30 for 30 challenge!)
You should always dress in shades of three.

Turn up some music, get a drink and start putting some outfits together!  I think it's important to TRY THINGS ON... put an outfit together and see how it feels... will you feel comfortable in it all day? did it look better in your head than it did on?  Turn your closet and room into your personal shop and dressing room. If you don't like it or feel uncomfortable in it, send it back!
Have magazines.  Search websites like for inspiration of new outfit or color combinations.

When you start finding outfits you are comfortable with and like, lay them out with as many parts together as you can... I don't add accessories until the day I wear the outfit, but definitely decide on shoes if you can.

Try to have a mix of outfits because things come up.  If you work, have some work outfits, have some casual outfits, have some trendier outfits for hitting the mall or going to dinner or out with friends... think about your schedule and things coming up and think of what you might need to dress for. (For instance, I know I have some chillax days, a roller skating day so I want to dress comfy and casual but fun, a birthday party, an errands-running day, an appointment day, a lunch-date day... so I plan for some outfits for those occasions but not overly-specific)  

After you have outfits put together, try to hang them as neatly as you can, to keep them organized, wrinkle free and ready to grab and go!

Here are some photos of a late winter/early spring style session I had:

I know I won't always wear every outfit on my rack (usually about 80% of what I pre-pick before I mix it up again), but it's good to have options! 

So go ahead and try it (call me or email me if you need help! I have Aveline help me all the time... we call it "playing shop" and she loves to be the shoe girl and cash me out at the end), let me know what you think of this idea!


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