Saturday, April 20, 2013

Outfit: Just Jetson

The sun is shining and I am pretty much required to wear a skirt or shorts (due to recent tattoo work on my leg!), so I pulled this outfit off my rack.
I had pre-picked this skirt and peplum top because I loved the comfort and silhouette it gave, but the shoes and accessories made it awesomely fun and quirky!
I guess I am jealous of all the Coachella outfits that are saturating the internet.  Some are so weird and quirky and flowy-boho.  I think I kind of went the opposite direction!  Futuristic and weird and my husband totally loved it! (He thought Judy Jetson was hot when he was a kid!)

I had fun getting a little robotic for these photos! Who doesn't love robots? I loved the necklace and cuff from H&M and combined them with my mirrored wayfarers... super silvery sleek details!

I finally got another pair of wedge sneakers and I loooove them. They are extra puffy and weird and I am totally wanting to be Marty McFly wearing these!

Do you ever want to throw together an outfit and completely jazz it up/funkify it with accessories? I think it's always the way to go!


What I wore:
Top from Charlotte Russe.
Skirt from F21.
Accessories mostly from H&M.
Sneakers from ???

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