Thursday, May 23, 2013

For him or for her or simply for me?

There is a conundrum in my mind that makes me seek out more research... my question being:
Are you a girl that dresses for girls, or a girl that dresses for guys?  Or, are you both or neither?  This probably is a result of my interest in the complexity of the Man Repeller and all that she represents, and high fashion. 

Hand any average guy (not particularly interested in fashion) a women's fashion magazine and what is the result?  Probably any range of confused looks or sarcastic comments.

I do not believe that one needs to constantly dress to impress men, be that by wearing tight jeans, sexy tops, or basically anything from the Victoria's Secret catalogue.  Sometimes it can be just as exhausting trying to keep up with the fashions that will only impress other females, (check out Chictopia for any kind of reference). 

Luckily I have a man that embraces the fact that I dress for the ladies of fashion, although I do keep in mind that I selfishly do want to appeal to my husband.  It's a hard balance and one that I probably spend too much time trying to maintain.  My husband basically told me that I am "good at clothes." And what does that say about me?  I know he didn't mean that I am not good at other things, like I kick butt in the kitchen; I am pretty awesome at decorating; I help Aveline with all her school projects and make them awesome; I can throw a good party or a chic small gathering in a minute... I have a knack for certain things.  When the first thing he says is that I am good at clothes, should I be offended? 

Blogging, especially in the fashion blogosphere has sometimes contributed to my stress levels as much as it has contributed to my joy.  My number one personal joy is writing.  My number two personal joy is fashion and the things that come along with it: clothes, photos, modeling, etc.  Blogging has allowed me to express both joys together and I love it.  On the other hand, blogging has lead to negative things in my life, such as shopping too much (I am not a sponsored or famous blogger); spending extra time on the computer when I could be doing any number of other things; being more self conscious about how I look, what I wear and how many times I wear it, and worrying about taking good enough photos to post (yelling at my husband to take said necessary photos).  I am overwhelmed at times, as I am not sure this is what I wanted my blog to be about in the first place.
I am on the verge of seeking employment and I wish that I could find a reliable job in the fashion industry... not in the creative side, but in the business side of things.  I have no idea where to start, but I need to focus and research and seek to find.  And if I don't find anything that works, maybe I will just find a job that will allow me to support my family, and support my love of fashion and clothes.

I don't know what my point is on this rant anymore.  I don't want to stop caring about fashion and clothes and how much fun I have when I get to put outfits together... it's not particularly a problem, except to some it may be a vanity issue.  My daughter expresses the fact that she likes having a mom that dresses up all the time, and I make it a point to dress her up too. 

Anyhow... if you change styles throughout your life, what inspires you to change?  Is it for yourself? For a new man in your life?  A new girl friend you hang out with who is into certain trends?  Is it the city you live in? Oh, if I could only live in a city!!!   Who knows what I would be wearing daily?!


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