Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother's Day coming up

I love the fact that I am a mom and that my daughter is such an important part of my life! I get to spend every day with her and that in itself is a gift.  I try not to act too entitled, (except on my birthday and then bring on the spoiling!) so Mother's Day is still something to get used to.

Mother's Day in the past has had a few bad associations... we moved away on mother's day a few years ago, my husband was deployed right before Mother's Day just last year.  I think this one will be great!

This Mother's Day is going to be awesome simply because I will have my daughter and husband with me, HOWEVER... if I could plan the day out it might include:

1... Lunch.  Sushi or Chinese food or both!  I don't want to cook or clean, and I want a reason to get dolled up.  And I would LOVE for my mom and Grandmother to join us!

2... Photos.  Of me and Aveline and the husband too... we haven't taken any family photos in a looong time.  And being dolled up, it would be awesome to take advantage of us being dressed up.

3... Maybe presents?!  from Aveline... And I want to give my mom and grandmother something for sure.

4... (Weather permitting) POOL PARTY. Tanning, tasty beverages, lounging, hanging with my Aveline and Jorden.  AND Jorden either BBQ-ing something or picking up fried chicken and sides (again, no cleaning for me ;-)).  It sounds like the perfect afternoon/evening for me!

Also... a little dessert from the Nugget bakery wouldn't be amiss ;-) (they have lavender macarons!!!)

So, on this gloomy Tuesday, I am hoping for a delightful Sunday ahead with my awesome family!

To all my fellow awesome moms out there, what would be the perfect fun Mother's Day for you?!


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