Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tattoo wishlist

Tattoos are a passion of mine... one of the frivolous ones, like Halloween, British literature and fashion.
A topic I can NEVER get sick of talking about or looking up and researching.

I have a few tattoos on my list and I want them SOONER rather than later.

A Shel Silverstein tattoo...
I have been reading Shel poems and stories to Aveline for a couple years now... and I LOVED them as a child, and now reading them as an adult to my own child I truly grasp how deep his work could be, with the simplest sense of humor.  I need to thoroughly scan the books and choose one of his illustrations.  Many of them make me laugh so hard, and I love laughing almost more than anything; some have made me cry; some have sort of creeped me out, and I think that's an awesome thing!

A quill pen tattoo...
As a writer from the age of 10, I need something to symbolize my greatest joy and passion; my escape and freedom and the thing I value so greatly in my life: the written word!

"I carry your heart with me(I carry it in my heart)" tattoo...
for my husband. At our wedding, instead of scripture we had e.E. Cummings poetry readings and that was always one of my favorites and always will be.

"California" in Coca-Cola script tattoo...
I am a California girl, born and raised and my love for this state is beyond anything I can describe.  I love where I am from and no matter where I go or where I have been, California is my home and solid ground.

I have a small symbol that I have come up with to symbolize both me and Avii, and I want that placed very specifically.

"Pretiosus" in Utopian characters tattoo...
For my dad, who has always called me precious and made me feel that I was valuable and rare, no matter what.

The "special Moose, holding the red balloon" tattoo...
For my brother. He has always drawn these amazing moose drawings, since he was a kid, and they haven't changed! He hand draws cards for family and close friends and the main character of the cards is always this funny moose.  I need one of these little guys on me forever!  I think we are going to get these done together when he gets back from his deployment!

I have come to realize that there are these small tattoos that I really want and feel the need to get.  So many of my tattoos are surprisingly large and complex and I think I am getting worn out with the long sessions.  Who knows if I will ever get all of these pieces, but the list is here and I think I am going to start saving up and working on it!


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  1. I wish you had photos of the ones you described.
    I love tattoos as well although I have none as I am too scared of needles in that sense. Almost everyone I know has one though.


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