Thursday, July 25, 2013

San Diego... I feel it in my bones

I am a Nor Cal girl... bred, but not born... I was born in Sunny San Diego, California.  Before my brother-in-law and his fiancee moved down there, I had no strong inclination to visit.  Most of my San Diego family has moved to Sacramento or to Texas.  Having new family to visit is wonderful!  Particularly because some of my youngest childhood memories are from Ocean Beach, which is where my bro and his lady have now resided for over three years.

Life in San Diego, particularly Ocean Beach is about ocean, sand, sun, shells, drinks, sandwiches, tank tops and shorts, surfers, walking your dogs.  It's a perfect getaway and we should not let a year and a half go by again without a visit.  I come home exhausted and renewed... with a strange new sense of self and relaxation.  I need to not take every single little thing so seriously.

We all needed this trip and I am so grateful Robert and Michelle let us stay with them.  I know we are family so they kinda have to (;-9) but still... we appreciate the hospitality and fun times and I am sorry about the sandbox we left in your showers!


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