Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Senior Portraits...

I dundidit!  I finished college!  Class of 2003 for high school. Class of 2013 as a university graduate! It only took me 10 years, but hey, life happens!  In between having a kid, getting married, traveling Europe for 3 years, returning and settling in California, and surviving a deployment with a house, dog and kid, I managed to make it through and finish what I started!

I had such an intense sense of freedom this morning and all throughout the day.  It's like a new dawn!  No more school!  No more worrying about school or classes.  I finally did it and it is one of the coolest experiences I have ever had.  It is up there in profundity with having a kid, getting married, buying a house, living on another continent... all of these things have shaped me and helped me grow and learn and be who I am.  It might not seem like a big deal to those of you that graduated in four years, or got a Masters degree or higher... those are amazing feats.  This one is mine!




 I don't know why these pictures posted so tiny, but I love them!  I had my husband take them and I edited them.  I am not walking in a ceremony or doing anything too typical of graduating college.  I just want my diploma, I want to have a big party to celebrate with my friends and family, and I wanted some fun "senior portraits" that show how exhilaratingly happy I am.  I feel so accomplished and I worked my ass... well my fingers, eyes, brain, etc. off. 
It's unreal!  I am the first one in my immediate family to receive my Bachelor's degree.  My mom accomplished her R.N. within the last 4 years.  My brother is working on his degree in marketing right now.
Onto the next!  Hopefully I can find a good job and continue to do well for my family and make them proud.  I know I am super proud of myself and inside my heart is leaping!  I'm done! I finished!  I did something good in my life!  I am not second best at this.  I finished what I set out to do!
Exclamation point heavy, but can you blame me?  If you have goals, reach for them.  Don't let things like time or money or people hold you back.  You can do what you know you are meant to do, whatever it may be. 
I need to thank my husband for pushing me to go back to school, when I really did not want to.  He has supported me and done everything to make my life a cake-walk.  I hope I can do the same for him some day.  My parents have been so awesome and encouraging every step of the way, and have helped me with Aveline when I have been stuck doing hours of school work.  I am so grateful for my friends who have encouraged me, dealt with my venting and encouraged me some more.  I love you all and could not and would not have done it without you all!
Vanessa, B.S.- Business Management



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  1. AMAZING!!!!!! Such a HUGE accomplishment!!! So excited for you!!


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