Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A smooth shave is always in style

Finally, my dad took advantage of the gift card a bought him a couple Father's Days ago for Roosters Men's Grooming Center in Roseville.  He got a signature old fashioned 7-step shave and I am glad he enjoyed it!  It's a mens facial, massage and shave with a straight razor!

My dad said he really enjoyed it as it was his first time ever getting any type of facial.  Us girls are totally spoiled so I think this is a great thing to treat a special guy in your life to.  The hot steam towels, essential oils with the nice aromas and the facial massage is extra nice.  He said the shave was super close; absolutely no hair on his face.  Made him feel like he had his 12 year old boy face again!

Love you, Dad! And good luck on your exam... maybe we will treat you to another guys pampering session soon... but I think we need a more manly word than "pampering"... you did just get shaved with a straight blade! :-)


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