Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Favorite things lately

Life has been getting busier and busier.
I am happy that I have

Things I love lately:

Crazy digital print leggings.  I have a pair also I bought a few years ago and I love the fun they bring! I hope to get some more.  I wish I could afford to score some blackmilk ones as they are GORGEOUS! also seems to have some really great selections. I think they would go really well with the next thing I love!

Motorcycle boots.  Particularly the Frye Veronica shorties I just got recently! I can't wait til it's a bit cooler now!



Light brown hair.  If you know how addicted I was to black hair, you would think me a blasphemer. I am gunning for Karlie's shade here...

Having a college degree!

And amongst other things... I like the crop top look if done tastefully.  Just a sliver of skin is enough.  I love bandeau tops with some muscle tee action... Side-boob (ribs!) is very sexy and when it's 95 degrees outside every day, it's kind of nice!

I love white Converse Chuck Taylors.  I bought some recently and unfortunately they keep blistering my pinky toes.  I must solve this problem ASAP.

I love easy dinners. Seafood. Cherry pie from Whole Foods. Egyptian licorice tea. Le Fin Du Monde beer. Six times distilled vodka with lemonade and a splash of lavender sugar.

The color lavender in general is really attractive to me lately.  Maybe it's the lighter hair? It's so funny how I swear off certain things like colors or certain clothing items saying "it's not for me..." but then my mind gets totally changed.  I am not close-minded.

What are your favorite things lately?


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