Sunday, August 18, 2013

Haul: Charlotte Russe, H&M, Planet Beauty

I don't normally do the "haul" posts, but I thought I would try.  I went on a quick little shopping trip and found some goodies that I am kind of happy about.  Shopping lately has been interesting because I am thinking forward and possibly finding items that may be versatile if I were to find a job.  It's hard to ignore all the crop tops and cute shorts when it's 100 degrees out, but I think I am doing ok.
I found some pieces that I don't have anything like, which is always my goal, although I am always drawn to black n white, stripes, neon, cobalt blue.  I am relentless with those colors.

I am loving the leggings that are coming out... I don't know if I mentioned in one of my previous posts, but I found some really cool ones at Charlotte Russe in a graphic mixed tribal print and then some higher waisted ones in a faux leather which I think I will wear a lot.  I love various textures and I can forsee wearing them with silky tops or thicker knits when the weather cools off.

The dresses and skirts were from H&M.  The dresses are great colors, soft jersey knit and I think could be dressed more conservatively with a nice blazer and heels, or with some fun sandals and cute accessories.  The neon circle skirt is for fun!!  Although I am curious how acceptable neon is in the business world.

I had to stop at Planet Beauty and get some conditioning treatments for my hair.  Processed and heat treated hair is what I got and must deal with on the daily.  The AVA oil is incredible!

I also did some closet rearranging and am happy that I finally have some more space in my office closet.  I moved all of my dresses into that closet and now have more room in my walk-in for tops and skirts.

Before:  A jumbled dress mess, mashed up against tops and long skirts.

After:  Dresses all organized and hung according to color.

I love when things are organized.  It makes getting dressed and shopping so much easier.


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