Thursday, August 15, 2013

Outfit: Ladadee da-dee

I just can't stop blogging! As much as I want to get away from the computer and the narcissism  that comes along with creating and wearing and then photographing to blog what I think are great outfits, it's just too much fun! It's a mental party for me!
So I am back and here to stay!
And I am done "saving" good outfits.  Do you ever do that?  Not wear something because you feel like you are "wasting" a good outfit because nobody is going to see it? Another good thing about blogging! No wasting of the good outfits!

I love love LOVE this skirt.  It was a birthday shopping trip gift from mi madre and I want to wear it a million times in a million ways.  The funny thing was that Love Culture used this textile in a dress that looked utterly TERRIBLE on me and I was so upset about it. Low and behold! They put it into an easy peasy circle skater skirt!  I am loving the crop top, but hear me out when I say I KNOW I am in my late twenties now... is it appropriate to wear a crop top? Maybe so, maybe not.  Wearing this loose version makes the crop thing a bit more tame.  It also helps on a day that  it's 95 degrees outside to be able to wear something loose.

My newly labeled styling philosophy: casual with character!  A term a read in one of my favorite blogger's blogs The Blonde Salad.  In case you didn't already know, if I could trade closets with anyone in the entire world, it would be Chiara Ferragni's.   I feel like this outfit, and most of my outfits embody that style ethic... not sure if that's the right word.  Philosophy perhaps?  Skirt, top, sandals... simple enough.  BUT, check out those sandals, skirt and top! Character for sure!

I also want to take a moment to introduce you to my new hair color!  I like it! It's lighter and warmer than anything I have had in a long time and I am loving it.  I think it's a nice break from being a dark and mysterious type... I had raven black hair for years.  I didn't think I could pull off the lighter brown but I am working with it for sure!

What I wore:
H&M crop top... old!
Skirt from Love Culture.
MIA sandals
Necklace from F21.
Rosegold watch from Charming Charlies.


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