Friday, September 13, 2013

The tides have turned!

September 13 2006... I had to quit and leave my job to relocate.  It wasn't feasible for me to find a new job when I was already a few months pregnant.

September 12, 2013 I get the offer on a job I was really hoping for.  My husband is in the process of finishing his military service honorably and being able to move onto a new career, hopefully in a civilian service of sorts.  So basically to the exact DATE, 7 blessed years later, after being a mom, traveling the world, earning my degree, and buying a home, dog, cat, cars, etc... we are turning the page!

I look forward to what is to come!  I can't wait to be a working girl - a business woman... someone who will do her best to make a difference and prosper and be successful.  I want to put my degree, my communication skills, and my past experience to use in building a foundation for a possible career.
My mind is racing with a million things right now.  Of course, figuring out what I need to wear!  But more importantly...

My anniversary is coming up!  We are taking a fun little trip somewhere, courtesy of my wonderful, over-spoiling mom!

Here are my quick business headshots my husband took of me.

These black and white shots I like to call my future "book jacket photos"!! I can still dream of being published, right?!

I wore these pearl earrings to every interview I had... and I probably had about 7 within a week.


Vanessa Innes
Universal Associate

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