Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Highlights and hopes

It's a new year and I am so excited for what is to become of it!
2013 Was INCREDIBLE...
I graduated college, found the start of a career, gained so much in knowledge, relationships and experience.  My home has new floors, my daughter can read, my husband finished his military career and is now onto new challenges with college and law enforcement opportunities.
We gained new friends, lost some old...
Traveled a little, but not enough.
Read some, but not enough.
Wrote a bit, but I have more to share.
I gained a new pet.
I have some new camera equipment.
The purse collection has grown.
My hair is lighter.

2014 is going to hold some surprises I think... and ones I am hopeful about.  We have some great travels planned, and I have to say that traveling is my biggest resolution and fun hope...
When we lived in Europe we traveled and tripped all over, at the drop of a hat.  I miss those days immensely sometimes.  I think our wanderlust stemmed from our solitude and desire for adventure.  Upon moving back to the United States we felt so excited.  We want to see more of California... more of America, our homeland.  We aimed to journey with family and trip around with friends, which we have done and hope to do plenty more of... however, I miss my little trio taking some random and fun adventures.

I was able to buy my husband presents this year bought with my own earnings, and I was very happy to do so.  I bought him a new GPS unit so that he can continue to drive our family wherever we may choose to roam.

I'll be posting more often! It's been a busy few months of transition with a new job, then the holidays.  I am still in passion with fashion and even more excited about some new photography projects!

I'll be back before you know it!
Le Queen Vii

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