Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy's Red Carpet review

(All photos taken from

I looked through the red carpet photos and saw some amazing suits and dresses and here are my favorites... and not just because these are from my personal favorite shows!

Congrats to Mad Men for winning best drama!!!  And here are the ladies...
January Jones looks incredible in this cobalt gown!  It's like a supermodern twist on a 60's style... she is beautiful in anything though!  I think she could have done something better with her hair though.
I have a huge girl crush on Christina Hendricks... she is the hottest, bombshell redhead... Marilyn Monroe would be so proud.  I think this color looks amazing on her.
Elizabeth Moss has gone from geek to gorgeous on the show and she looks amazing here!  Her skin is so pale and pretty and I love the flow of this gown.

GLEE.... my favorite comedy!  I have the soundtracks constantly playing on my Zune.
I am almost never a fan of navy blue, but Lea Michele looks so glamorous.  I love the fabric and the ruffles.
I think this is my favorite dress of the Emmy's.  Dianna Agron looks amazing and I love this dress, so much!!!
Everyone loves to hate Sue Sylvester!  Congrats to Jane Lynch on winning an Emmy.  She looks regal in this gown!

TRUE BLOOD... My guilty pleasure show...
I have always loved Anna Pacquin and I love her gown.  It is dark and daring and very Alexander McQueen...
Ryan Kwanten gets my vote for best suit, and being friggin hot no matter what!  I love the subtle plaid.

From "United States of Tara"
I love that Toni Collete's gown has a whimsical floral design, but it's still sort of dark.  She is such an amazing actress and is so beautiful.

Mmmkay... LEAST favorite goes to Naya Rivera... I love the color of this dress and the fullness of the skirt, but I hate the high slit.  Her hair is also a bit too much for me...

Well, there is my opinion on the night!  Too bad I didn't get to watch.  What did everyone think?

Queen VII

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