Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thanks Mumsie...

I don't know who your fashion inspirations may be, but my Mums is most definitely one of mine.  She has always had an awesome fashion philosphy of being able to dress great for less, wear what fits, and always wake up and look your best.  I remember her always cleaning the house wearing heels, I have rarely ever seen her in sweats past mid morning, and she always has been great at accessorizing.
She has a way of keeping up with trends and making it her own.  I feel like her and I have very different personal styles, but I have always tried to live by the standards she has set before me... I still feel like she dresses better than me on a daily basis.

My mums, in her awesomeness and generosity has made this outfit happen!  The bag, pants and clogs are all courtesy of her!!!!  There was a little misshap with the pants this spring... it's actually a tube top jumper that I wore as pants... WITH leggings underneath to keep a little warmer and not have to worry about them being see-through in the daylight!  The Longchamp bag was part of my birthday present and has been my favorite bag for months!  The clogs... I don't know why or how I deserve the clogs, but they were a random and totally awesome gift that came in the mail.
The top is thrifted and is a nice light sweatshirt material.  I have been seeing a lot of dressed up heather grey clothing online and in magazines.  I am always down to be more comfortable!  I also got to wear my new wool studded floppy hat! I love that it has silver and gold metal studs so I can mix metals and wear either or!  Plan on getting sick of seeing this hat, because I am going to wear it a LOT!

I leave for Dublin and Paris next week.  I gotta start planning some awesome outfits!  Limited on luggage for Dublin, which kind of sucks, but we are driving to Paris so I am free to bring as many shoes as I please.  The other limitation... gotta be comfortable because there will be LOTS of walking!

Queen VII


  1. you have such a unique and gorgeous face! And I loooove that hat and your ring, they give a lot of flair to the look!

  2. I love this look. THat hat is super amazing plus those are some great accesories!
    I am jealous that you are going to be in Dublin and Paris. That is amazing. Have a fabulous time.



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