Monday, November 8, 2010

Holidays on the horizon

I feel like the number of my posts is declining as the cold months come on.  Kind of a bummer.  I haven't taken very many pictures or put much effort into getting dressed lately because of another autumn cold/allergy bout.  It's been pretty much jeans, tees and Uggs every day.  Trying to feel better because I have an epic amount of cleaning to do before Thursday!

I have been swamped with school.  Economics.... BLEH.  All I care about economics right now is that my husband makes money and I spend it!  Besides having a little thrifting excursion I have not been shopping either, but I have been making my Christmas wishlist!
I am hoping for a new coat, some new boots, a watch, a photography lighting kit, some movies and books.  If anyone wants to see my wishlist, look me up on or!!!

My daughter's shopping is nearly done!  I love shopping for her!  Amazon has been awesome!  She is going to get Operation (the bones are all completely different from when I was a kid!), a beadworks set so she can make necklaces and bracelets (which she is really good at!), a bride barbie because she is obsessed with weddings and "getting married for true love's kiss," and a princess cash register, to practice her shopping!, amongst other things of course because she is a totally spoiled only child... I can't wait to play with her with everything! has a countdown til Christmas... I think it's at 48 days... When you are long distance and have to rely on the overseas mail service... you tend to think ahead!  I have to have all my cards and packages ready and sent out by November 26!!!  Feeling the rush of the holidays already.

Thanksgiving is going to be at the firestation again because the hubby is working!  I actually really like it at the station because without having family here, it kind of creates a family atmosphere and everyone cooks together... it's nice.  And the best part is that my parents will be here to spend Thanksgiving with us!  I hope they like it.
I have to come up with a lot of stuff to do before they get here!  So far we got Saarbrucken, Miltenburg, Cochem, Antwerp, Zweibrucken, Frankfurt and some other stops that I haven't thought of yet.  I have to deal with school while they are here which totally sucks, but we aren't doing a marathon of traveling like the first time they visited!  That was a crazy tour... 7 countries, 20 cities in 22 days!  I was so exhausted at the end of that!

Anyways... Just had to post something because I missed writing!
send me your addresses for a christmas card.
I am also thinking of doing some kind of special holiday giveaway... gotta think of the best way to go about it.

Here is my fave picture from Halloween!  I was the Hamburglar!

Queen VII

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  1. I love this costume! It is super cute. I can't believe the holidays will soon be upon. So much to do before then!


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