Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend fun!

I first off want to thank all my readers for the comments I have been getting!  It has been a week or so of total randoms and it's been kind of an emotional rollercoaster for me.  I appreciate any and all great thoughts and comments sent my way.

I think I am definitely more of a reader of blogs, although I do try to comment when I can... So I still appreciate those who read but don't always comment... but it is also great to hear from random people "I read your blog!" and that they like it!  It makes my little silly heart swell in confirmed affirmation!  Thank you for being a reader and I hope I can keep things interesting for you.

This last week has been so crazy and fun!  Ups and downs... but mostly ups!  The great thing I must say first is that Planned Parenthood is not defunded yet, and the soldiers are getting their much earned/deserved paychecks! 

School has been hectic and I have spent many hours logged in just working on stuff sitting in my sweats.  I am in a bit of an uninspired fashion slump.  I think it's time to spend some moments in the closet and reorganize and revamp some outfits.  I honestly think all this damn glorious sunshine is throwing me off!

Thursday night was an awesomely funtastic girls night out!  It was definitely needed.  I love dancing and could dance all night every night!  (I would probably be thinner if I could).  I got to go out with my girls Rebecca, Sharon (who is the bestower of hair fabulocity upon Rebecca and myself) and Brittanie!  I think we looked hott and had a great night out!

My awesome husband who drove us!

us hot mamas!

Lips N Lashes!

We had a great time even though it got ridiculously crowded after a while.  It was still fun to dress up and get out and dance!

I wore a F21 bandage dress. Chinese Laundry shoes. Necklace from Love Culture.  My new coral colored lipstick! 

Brittanie and I spent most of Friday eating fried chicken and soup and salad and watching TV and I was doing homework.  It was a good recovery day!
Yesterday was fun... had a BBQ at Rebecca's house... she had some family friends visiting from Holland for the day (Aahhh, Holland!)!  I had the best brats EVER... spent some time in the sun and just enjoyed the day!

the kids decorated the pond with cherry blossoms and dandelions

glazed brats! so delish!

I had so much fun and it was great to be in the sun.  I think this black dress is my new favorite dress... It kind of reminds me of the Rodarte line for Target dresses, but honestly I think I like this one a little better... I love the soft chiffon and how slouchy yet girly it is.  I wasn't brave enough to wear sandals as there was a chill in the air and my feet were having a bad day... I have some issues with my feet and Uggs are the only cure for it!

What I wore:
Dress from the BX.  Short classic Uggs. Necklace from F21 c/o Ktk & Keara!  Wayfarers from Nordstroms.

Hope this post wasn't too photo heavy for ya!  Emjoy your Sunday everyone!  I am headed up into my closet for a while...



  1. You ladies look smashing. I am also loving your eye make-up. Makes your eyes look so pretty and big. Very bold. Love it.
    All the photos are great. I like to add some 'action photos' occasionally. It is nice to give that glimpse into the real life beneath the clothes. Makes you get to know the person better.

  2. you guys look FIERCE! amazing make up, very sexy and just awesome. And all so beautiful in different ways! That black dress you're wearing is superpretty too, the one in the last pics. Very cute and classy :)

  3. I've never gone out dancing with a group of my friends, before, but it sounds like it would be a blast! It probably helps when everyone's dressed to kill, too. (:

    I really like the black dress in the second half of your post. I can't wear that shape comfortably, something never fits right, but I'm glad to see it works well on you! Thanks for sharing all the fun photos.

  4. Mmmm BBQ! (I'm a Texas girl, so that caught my attention, hehe). I know what you mean about creative style slumps. I think that those emotionally tough times can drain out the creative juices. You'll be inspired again! That's the great thing about fashion: there's always something new! PS-Good luck with your studies!

  5. what a lovely shots, seems a very fun weekend! you look amazing happy , your eyes are gorgeous !!! x

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