Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sexy Halloween

This Halloweekend was awesome!  I got to spend a night of mischief and mayhem with some of my gorgeous friends AND my husband... it's been a while since we have had an awesome, fun, party rockin fun Halloween together...
Here is a smorgasbord of photos from the night:

I have to talk about my costume because it is a fashion statement and I think my best costume yet!
I totally stole the idea from Bridget Marquardt from Playboy's The Girl's Next Door:
Adorable, fun, colorful, sexy with a touch of goofiness!  I worked a clown outfit for the German holiday of Fasching and it was fun and I loved the makeup and everything I did, but I really wanted to do the sexy Bridget version and I was so excited I was finally able to!

I found the little hat at a cheapie store in Germany for 1 euro and it was all the inspiration I needed.  The tulle skirt was a thrifty find at the Sacramento Antique Faire for around $2.  The shoes were from Goodwill for $5.  The suspenders were about $5 as well.  The socks were mine, and the necklace was from F21 a couple years ago.  I pinned on a pipecleaner flower my daughter made for me, and I used my Michael Kors bag to carry around lipstick and my camera.  I had to wear ruffly undies and put on a lot of leg tanner!  The shoes were the best part and I was so lucky I didn't fall or step on anyone!

My darling husband gave me no input on what he wanted to be, so I bought him the banana costume and he wore pajama pants so he was a banana in pajamas!
My friends are awesome and I had sooo much fun with them that night... My sexy Halloween was definitely the best one yet!



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